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Words easily confused: реце́пт

The words receipt and реце́пт could be confusing for both Russian and English learners: they sound like cognates, but, actually don’t have much in common. The English receipt has a meaning of чек (a receipt, in a store) or счёт (a bill, in a restaurant).

  • Касси́р вы́дал чек и сда́чу. = The cashier gave a receipt and change.

  • Счёт, пож́алуйста! = Can I have a bill, please?

The Russian word реце́пт, on the other hand, has the following meanings:

1) a prescription as a written message from a doctor that officially tells someone to use a medicine, glasses, therapy, etc.

  • реце́пт врача́ = doctor’s prescription

  • по реце́пту врача́ = with doctor’s prescription

  • реце́пт на лека́рство / на очки = medicine /glasses prescription

  • выпи́сывать / вы́писать реце́пт = to prescribe

  • Врач вы́писал реце́пт на очки́. = The doctor wrote a glasses prescription.

  • Это лека́рство мо́жно получи́ть то́лько по реце́пту врача́. = This medicine can only be received with the doctor’s prescription.

2) a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients (especially food)

  • кулина́рные реце́пты = culinary recipes

  • кни́га кулина́рных реце́птов = a book of culinary recipes

  • класси́ческий реце́пт борща́ = the classic borsch recipe

3) a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something

  • реце́пт сча́стья = a recipe for happiness

  • реце́пт успе́ха = a recipe for success

  • реце́пт на все слу́чаи жи́зни = a recipe for all life situations

  • У ка́ждого свой реце́пт сча́стья. = Everybody has his own recipe for happiness.

  • В воспита́нии дете́й нет гото́вых реце́птов. = There is no perfect recipe for bringing up children.

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