When American students take their first Russian course, it is hard for many of them to accept the fact that they have to write in cursive all the time. Sometimes they find the ways to cheat and don’t bother writing in cursive if it’s not for a graded assignment. Also, they try to find different explanations why they should not write in cursive. For example, they often say that they are not very good at English cursive, and that is why it is impossible for them to write in cursive Russian. This is quite understandable because practicing Russian cursive takes patience and t...

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Russian Handwriting Sheets. РУССКИЕ ПРОПИСИ


If you have been looking for some good quality handwriting sheets to learn and/or practice your cursive Russian, this download could be the end of your search. Inside, you will find everything you need to become confident in Russian cursive writing. 

This PDF file includes:  

  • 15 pages of cursive practice 

  •  letters, words, phrases, and sentences in print and cursive

  • the Russian cursive font that is simple and properly sized 

  • notes with handwriting hints on the margins

  • practice with confusing letters in contrast

  • easily recognizable cognates and the content familiar to beginners

  • a bonus page with bookmarks including the print and cursive Russian letters


Click on the image above to see what is inside.

All Materials Bundled


Buy all the materials together and save about 17%.
This file contains all the materials from the website bundled.

  1. РУССКИЕ ПРОПИСИ. Russian Handwriting Sheets ($5.00)

  2. TABLE: Going Verbs: Directionality. Tenses. Aspects ($0.99)

  3. E-Book + Audio. Russian Pronunciation Guide for Beginners ($10.00)

  4. E-Book + Audio. Russian Verbal Aspect in Contrast. ($ 10.00 with audio)

  5. E-Book + Audio. Russian Intonation Guide: Intonation Contours ($10.00)

  6. Prefixed Verbs of "Going". Reference Grammar Book ($14.95)

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