Русский алфавит

You could learn more than just the Russian Alphabet from this video. It’s a showcase of Russia, its history, culture, and its people. Each letter of the Russian Alphabet АЗБУКА represents something or somebody great in Russia. Watch it and find out how many Russian things you could actually recognize. 


How many "Russian things and people" did you get right? If you missed something, watch the slide show to learn more about Russian culture. Also, you can learn how to pronounce the Russian letters. 

Learn about the history of the Cyrillic Alphabet. 

In A.D. 863, two brothers named Cyril (Кирилл) and Methodius (Мефодий) were sent by the Byzantine emperor as missionaries to spread the Christian faith to Slavic tribes. Their mission to Moravia lasted only a few decades. They developed an alphabet and translated parts of the Gospels into the local Slavic dialect. After Cyril and Methodius died, their disciples went to South Slavic regions (what is now Serbia and Bulgaria) spreading and strengthening Christianity among southern Slavs. There, in the 900s they constructed a new script for Slavic that was based on 24 capital Greek letters, and 19 letters for sounds specific to the Slavic language. This script became known as Cyrillic (кириллица) in honor of these pioneer linguists.

Over the time, the Cyrillic alphabet has seen many reforms. Some letters are eliminated, and some were added. For example, the first reformer of the Cyrillic Ivan Fyodorov, who was a printer and a publisher, eliminated the letters Е and С and many forms of...

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