Valentine’s Day –- is a relatively new holiday in Russia. It is also called the “day of all in-love people” – ДЕНЬ ВСЕХ ВЛЮБЛЁННЫХ. Russians love holidays that include a lot of fun, so they borrowed the fun Valentine traditions from the West. Observed by very few people in the 90s, Valentine’s Day quickly gained its popularity among people of all ages. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular holidays in Russia.


Valentine’s Day in Russia is celebrated pretty much the same way as in any Western country – with romantic dinners, flowers and chocolates. The only differences are that in Russia, flowers are almost a mandatory gift for a woman, and the romantic dinner usually happens at home.

How to wish happy valentine's day in Russian

С Днём cвято́го Валенти́на! = Happy St. Valentine's Day!

How to say "I LOve you" in Russian

From formal to quite informal, there are a few ways to declare your love to someone in Russian.

  • Я вас люблю́.

  • Я люблю́ тебя́.

  • Я о́чень тебя́ люблю́.

  • Люблю́ тебя́. 

  • Люблю́.

valentines  ВАЛЕНТИНКИ

валенти́нка = a Valentine's Day card

What does this valentine card say in Russian?

Художник: Анна Силивончик

amazing russian

Художник: Анна Силивончик

How to pay a compliment in Russian


Compliments are a way to make someone very special. If your partner speaks Russian, impress him or her with a compliment in Russian.

Generate compliments using this simple COMPLIMENT GENERATOR.

amazing russian

amazing russian

You can also pay compliments to your classmates in your Russian class. 

amazing russian

Romantic words in Russian


А вы знаете эти романтические русские слова: свида́ние, поцелу́й, рома́нтика, рома́н, предложе́ние, помо́лвка, сва́дьба?

Romantic SONGS 


Valentine's Day is perfect time to listen and/or sing romantic songs. Here is one of them. It's called САША + МАША. Listen to this catchy Russian song and sing along (karaoke).

Do you hear 13 Russian names in this song? Кто кого любит?

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