Why Study Russian?

What motivates and inspires students to learn Russian? How about you? What is your reason to study Russian? 

Video Tutorials

Learn Russian grammar, vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension skills by watching my videos.

Check out these great resources to learn the Russian alphabet. 

Find out what Russian cursive is, and why it is so important to learn it.

Do Russian names make sense now? Find out more about Russian names from these sources.

Cognates are your friends in learning Russian because they can contribute to your vocabulary building immensely. However, be aware or false cognates that could trick you and lead to misunderstanding. Find out more about your true and false "friends".

Learn the days of the week, some useful expressions and saying through fun pictures about the Russian calendar.

Tongue twisters are not only light-hearted linguistic fun and games, but they might also help you stretch your vocal muscles before you start speaking, improve your pronunciation, and learn new words.

Essential Grammat Basics for Beginners

Not only can these video tutorials help you grasp the basic grammar concepts, but also practice the basics.

Learn grammar the fun way with pictures and examles from everyday life.

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