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Listen & Respond is a technique that can help you learn Russian effortlessly and deeply. Through the videos like these, you can learn vocabulary faster, improve your listening and speaking skills, use sentences effortlessly without analyzing grammar rules, and improve your pronunciation.

I use a lot of questions about the story. In questions, I repeat vocabulary and grammar many times so that you remember the sentence patterns and vocabulary longer and learn deeply. By answering the questions, you teach yourself to think and respond in Russian.

If you want to try this powerful technique, please follow the steps below to get the most out of this practice.

  • STEP 1:  Listen to the story. It will appear gradually on the screen. Then you will hear a set of questions about each sentence.

  • STEP 2:  Try to answer the questions the best way you can. If you do not know the answer, try to guess. Using 1-2 words is OK. Then you will hear my responses and compare your answers with mine.

  • STEP 3:  Practice this activity every day for at least a week or more. You might realize soon that you learn the sentences the same way you learn a song.


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