Essential Grammar Basics for Beginners

This video explains how to determine the grammatical gender of nouns. Provides a lot of examples and practice.

This video provides explanation and practice on the grammar concept of pluralization of Russian nouns: regular plural forms, irregular forms, nouns with shifted stress, nouns that have same singular and plural forms, nouns that never change, and the 7-letter-spelling rule.

This video explains how to use personal pronouns to replace nouns as well as how to ask question with WHERE (ГДЕ).

This video explains how to ask questions with WHOSE (ЧЕЙ?) and answer the questions with possessive pronouns.

In this video, you will learn the adjectives of color and some other common adjectives to describe people and things. You will also learn about Russian adjective endings and how to agree adjectives and nouns in the nominative case.

This video explains the difference between the introductory word ЭТО and the modifier ЭТО, ЭТА, ЭТО, ЭТИ. This could be very confusing for Russian learners since the words are translated in English as THIS or THESE.

In this video, you will learn how to say "I/You have something", ask a question "Do you have...?" and answer it. You will also find the pronunciation difference between a yes/no question and a statement.

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