The instrumental case is commonly used with the preposition “C” (with).

Take a look at some good examples in the poster.



  • блю́дце = saucer

  • зонт = umbrella

  • сгущёнка (a shortcut from «сгущённое молоко»)= condensed milk

  • футбо́лка = T-shirt

  • трамва́й = tram, street car

  • набо́р откры́ток = set of postcards

  • герб = coat of arms



  • по́стер = poster

  • при́нт = print

Images: daily...

Time expressions in Russian are very useful. Hardly any communication either orally or in writing could go without them. This graphic organizer with different colors can help many of us to memorize and use the expressions properly. If you are a visual learner, these graphic organizers are your keepers.


The expressions with the “calendar words” such as time of the day, day of the week, month, season, or year use th...

We use direct objects in the accusative case. Just a few examples.


Some cases of the genitive case are explained in the posters below. Examples from everyday life.

Prepositional case is the first Russian case to start a challenging adventuture through the Russian cases. Its main usage is showing a location. Pictures below show a few examples taken from everyday life.

Adjective-noun agreement simple rule: adjectives must agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe. You can see the examples and the explanations in the pictures below. 

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