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Word of the day: Молодец!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Most of us are familiar with the Russian praising word «молоде́ц», which is the equivalent of “Well done!” or “Good job!” While the English version can address both a single person and many individuals, the Russian молодец needs a plural form – молодцы́. However, where is the letter е in the plural form? Should it be молодецы? The matter is that the word молоде́ц belongs to the group of so-called –ец words; for example, америка́нец, кана́дец, оте́ц, огуре́ц, or коне́ц. These words have a tendency of losing the vowel е while forming the plural forms. This grammar phenomenon is called “fleeting е": америка́нец – америка́нцы, кана́дец – кана́дцы, оте́ц – отцы́, огуре́ц – огурцы́, коне́ц – концы́.

Ты молоде́ц! И он молоде́ц! И она молоде́ц! Все студенты молодцы́!

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