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На иголках и на чемоданах | On pins and needles and ready for a trip

Я как на иголках. Сижу на чемоданах. Do you know what these idioms mean?📍🧳🤔

(сидеть) как на иголках = literally “to sit like on needles”; to be on pins and needles; to be nervous about something; to anticipate something
(сидеть) на чемоданах = literally “to sit on the suitcases”; to be ready for a trip

Both phrases take the prepositional plural:

  • иголка - иголки - иголках

  • чемодан - чемоданы - чемоданах

Very often the verb сидеть (to sit) is omitted, and the prepositional phrase is used alone.

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