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Новогодние салаты | New Year Salads

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

New Year celebration just isn’t right without traditional New Year salads. These are not light green salads, but mayonnaise-infused and protein-thick works of art. One of the most popular salads most Russians make for New Year celebration is Olivier salad (сала́т оливье́), which was created in the 19th century by a French chef (шеф-по́вар) and owner of a French restaurant (владе́лец францу́зского рестора́на) in Moscow. It is sometimes known outside Russia as ‘ру́сский сала́т’.

The salad is usually made with mayonnaise (майонез), potatoes (карто́фель), carrots (марковь), pickles (марино́ваные огурцы́), green peas (зелёный горо́шек), eggs (я́йца), and chicken (ку́рица) or bologna (колбаса́). For many Russians, this salad is a must-have on the table for New Year’s dinner.

In case you would like to make Olivier salad, here is a recipe partially in Russian.

Вам потребуется | You need:

  • картофель — 7 шт.

  • морковь — 2 шт.

  • огурцы маринованные — 5-6 шт.

  • зеленый горошек консервированный (canned green peas) — 1 банка

  • яйцо — 4-6 шт.

  • колбаса докторская (could be purchased in a Russian store, or better yet, use the boiled chicken breast) — 300 г

  • майонез — 200-300 г

  • соль по вкусу (to taste)

Note: шт. = item, piece

How to prepare:

  • Boil the potatoes, carrots, and eggs.

  • Cut all the ingredients (except for the green peas) into small cubes.

  • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, add the mayonnaise, and refrigerate.

  • Surprise your Russian friends and/or enjoy it together!

Another Russian traditional New Year’s salad is Selyodka pod Shuboi, or “Herring under a Fur Coat” (селёдка под шу́бой). It is a colorful layered salad made with herring (селёдка/ сельдь), potatoes (карто́фель), carrots (морко́вь), beets (свёкла), onions (лук), and mayonnaise (майоне́з). The beets give the salad its purplish color.

This salad became very popular in the 1970s. It is believed that the recipe was borrowed from Jewish cuisine. However, some experts claim that the salad was created by some merchant in 1918, and originally had some ideological connotation: the herring in the salad represents the proletariat while the vegetables - the peasantry.

In case you would like to make this salad, here is a recipe. The ingredients are in Russian, so please except the challenge.

Вам понадобится |You need:

  • свёкла — 2 шт.

  • морковь — 2 шт.

  • яйцо — 4 шт.

  • лук — 1 шт.

  • картофель — 2 шт.

  • сельдь — 400 г (It’s recommended to buy herring in a local Russian store since it’s hard to find this type of herring in an American grocery store. One medium size herring should be enough.)

  • майонез — по вкусу (to taste) (Try a Russian mayonnaise available in a Russian local store. You will see that it’s different.)

Note: шт. = item, piece

How to prepare:

  • Boil the beets, carrots, potatoes, and eggs. Boil (or bake in a foil) the beets, carrots, and the potatoes. If you opt for boiling, boil the beets separately so that they won’t color all the rest of the veggies. Hard boil the eggs.

  • Peel the boiled vegetables and eggs. Use the egg slicer to cube the eggs and potatoes. Grate the beets and the carrots.

  • Cut the onions finely.

  • Clean, peel, and debone the salted herring. Cut it into small pieces.

  • Use the medium tall bowl to layer the salad ingredients. First, spread the herring at the bottom; then layer the onions, potatoes, eggs, carrots and, finally, beets. Spread some mayonnaise between each layer (except for the herring and onions) and on top of the salad.

  • Refrigerate the salad for a few hours. (It could be prepared a day in advance.)

  • Surprise your Russian friends and/or enjoy it together!

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