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Легендарная жвачка «ЛЮБОВЬ ЭТО...»

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Have you ever seen this bubble gum brand? “LOVE IS…” is one of the favorite kids’ bubble-gum in Russia in the 90s. It was the time when the Russian market started to fill with a lot of imported items meant to be sold in the third world countries. Along with other nonsense, eye-catching colorful bubble gum called “Love is…” appeared on the shelves of the stores. It’s not the bubble gum itself that attracted almost all the kids and some grownups as well, but the colorful wrapping paper with a comic strip on it. Every piece had a different message about what love meant, and a cute cartoon illustrating the message. Most of the comic strips were funny, but there were also some serious ones. Collecting those gum wrappers was such a big deal among young children, and having the biggest collection in class or in the neighborhood could bring a kid recognition and popularity.

“LOVE IS…” is still on sale in Russia, and kids are still learning what love is all about from the comic strips.
Each comic strip has a line that says something about love.

Love is...

  • when you’re the best in the world for him

  • when he’s learning how to cook her favorite dish

  • giving flowers to her mother

  • romance

Each comic strip has a line that says something about love.

Love is...

  • family

  • often writing him text messages

  • asking her to dance

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