Welcome to Amazing Russian, a space created for all those who would like to learn Russian and discover more about Russian culture. 

From these videos, you can learn new vocabulary and grammar concepts, improve your listening comprehension, and learn about Russian culture. 

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If you just started learning Russian, here are some fun and useful sources for you to learn from:


Russian Alphabet

Russian Cursive


Russian Names

Tongue Twisters

Russian Calendar

A Little Bit Of Grammar

Learn vocabulary the fun way through the posts with pictures, explanations and examples of how to use words in context. Explore the pages:


Picture Dictionaries

Word of the Day

Words Easily Confused


Playing With Words

When learning a language, it's important to know how to do it efficiently. 

Holiday celebrations is a part of Russian culture and everyday life. Explore how Russians celebrate different holidays.


New Year's Day


Valentine's Day

Defender of the Fatherland Day

Pancake Week

Expand your cultural knowledge of everyday life, traditions, and customs of Russian people.

Check out my posts about everything related to the Russian language and culture.

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