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Open Book

Created for teachers who want to present the essential concepts in the classroom or online. Includes slides with vector graphics, images, animation, tables, and text that can be modified, changed, or used for other presentations. Contains explanations, examples, and exercises that check comprehension.


The presentation is based on the YouTube videos:

  1. Russian Alphabet Letters
  2. Russian Sound System: Stress. Stessed and Unstress Vowels
  3. Russian Sound System: Voiced and Voiceless Consonants
  4. Russian Sound System: Palatalization. Hard and Soft Consonants
  5. Pronunciation Practice: Hard and Soft Consonants
  6. Pronunciation Practice: Hard and Soft Л
  7. Pronunciation Practice: Е in Foreign Words
  8. Pronunciation Practice: Ы and И

Russian Sound System for Beginners. PowerPoint Slides

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