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Open Book

Created for teachers who want to present the essential concepts in the classroom or online. Includes slides with vector graphics, images, animation, tables, and text that can be modified, changed, or used for other presentations. Contains explanations, examples, and exercises that check comprehension.

The folder includes 2 presentations based on the YouTube grammar tutorials:

  • Intermediate Russian II: What’s the difference? FOR: для, за, на, в, к:
  • Intermediate Russian: What’s the difference? FOR + length of time: на неделю vs. неделю:

Interpreting the English Preposition "For". PowerPoint Slides

    • You may use the content of this presentation in projects for yourself or your students.
    • You may change, modify, add or delete the content on the slides according to your needs.
    • You may create additional presentations using the content from this presentation.
    • You may NOT redistribute or sell the whole presentation or any parts of this presentation.
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