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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Day of Knowledge, originated in the USSR in 1984, is celebrated annually on September 1st. It marks the beginning of the academic year in all the educational institutions in Russia including schools, colleges, and universities. It’s an exciting day especially for first-graders.

On this day, the ceremony of the First Bell takes place in all schools nationwide. Usually, formally dressed students arrive at school with a bunch of flowers. The celebration begins when children stand in line and are welcomed by the school principal and the teachers. At the end of the ceremony, a first grade girl is lifted on the shoulders of an 11th grade male student, and parades around, ringing the first bell of the school year. After that, older students hold the hands of the first graders and take them to class. As a rule, there is only one class on this day, where students discuss the significance of knowledge in their lives.

Vocabulary on topic:

Пе́рвое сентября́ = September 1st

День зна́ний = Day of Knowledge

нача́ло уче́бного го́да = beginning of the school year

первокла́ссник = first-grader

пе́рвый звоно́к = first bell

лине́йка = A welcoming ceremony, usually held in a school yard, where students stand in line.

буке́т цвето́в = a bunch of flowers

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