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Word of the day: ФОРТОЧКА

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Do you know what ФОРТОЧКА (fortochka) means? It’s a small window within a window - one of the characteristic features of many Russian houses. You can open “fortochka” any time to get some cold, warm, or just fresh air into the house. It also makes a good spot for cats who love sitting there and enjoy watching the world outside. It’s especially true in the spring time when the street life is so attractive to cats.

VOCABULARY сего́дня = today фо́рточка = a small window страна́ = country все = all; every

Now challenge yourself by answering these GRAMMAR questions.

1) What country does the word “страна” refer to? 2) What case is the phrase "во всех форточках" in? 3) What is the nominative case of "форточках"? 4) Why does “в” become “во”? 5) What case is “страна” used in? Why? 6) How would you translate the phrase into good English?

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