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Word of the day: Не забудь!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

How many times in your life you have heard the words Don’t forget! In Russian, the corresponding phrase will be Не забу́дь! (informal) or Не забу́дьте! (formal). Like in English, it is an imperative form of the verb used for commands, orders, or instructions. It is formed from the perfective verb забы́ть (забу́ду, забу́дешь, забу́дут) and commonly used in the negative form with не to warn someone not to forget something or to do something. In the sentence, it is either used with another perfective verb in its infinitive form or a direct object in the accusative case.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

не забу́дь + perfective verb

  • купи́ть - to buy

  • вы́ключить - to turn off

  • поли́ть - to water

  • сказа́ть - to say

  • покормить - to feed

не забу́дь + noun (accusative case)

  • ключи́ - keys

  • де́ньги - money

  • кошелёк - wallet

  • мозг - brain

Here are a few things the following signs warn you not to forget.

What should you not forget to turn off?

What things should you not forget when leaving a house (выходя из дома)?

What should you not forget to say?

What should you not forget to buy? Why?

What does IKEA advise you not to forget?

Here are some Instructions for kids to stay healthy and clean. Based on the pictures, what do you think the following phrases mean in English?

  • чистить / почистить зубы

  • умываться / умыться

  • проветривать / проветрить комнату

The refregirator magnet warns you not to forget something. What do you think it is?

зверь - animal, beast

Котик means a baby cat, but here it is a form of address like a sweetheart or darling. What do you think is asked to wash after finishing a meal?

How clever and polite it is to put words like those on the sign! Instead of just saying that someone who litters is a pig, the sign warns you not to forget to oink while tossing trash on the street. Have you ever seen the sign like that anywhere?

Useful words:

  • броса́ть/ бро́сить - to throw, to toss

  • му́сор - litter, trash

  • на у́лице - on the street

  • хрю́кать/хрю́кнуть - to oink

How would you translate this sign in English?

What are the most common things for you not to forget? Can you write a note for yourself in Russian? How about a note for your Russian friend?

If you find this post useful and remember the phrase, не забудьте поставить лайк (do not forget to"like" it), which the sign below advises you to do.

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