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Let's Sing In Russian! ОСЕНЬ
Amazing Russian

Let's Sing In Russian! ОСЕНЬ

Это моя любимая песня об осени. Это бардовская песня, которая была написана Ириной Левинзон в 1963 году. Эта песня грустная, тёплая, светлая и нежная. This is my favorite song about the fall. This is a bard song written by Irina Levinzon in 1963. This song is sad, warm, light and tender. The term bard (бард) appeared in the Soviet Union in the early 1960s. It refers to the musicians who wrote, compose and perform their songs, similarly to folk singers of the American folk music revival. This genre is also known as author song (авторская песня). The English translation below is neither literal nor a poetry version. However, it conveys the meaning and mood. Fall – it will never ask you. Fall – it will just arrive. Fall, as the silent question, Will freeze in the dark blue eyes. Fall will bring rainy weather And cover its path with leaves. Fall will be plodding alone Along the deserted beach. Maybe you’ll never notice The sadness of reddish leaves. Maybe you’ll never tell me What there is in your dreams. Look at this sky of sadness, Blue as the deepest sea. This place you’ve never been to Or even dreamed to see. Hope you will dream of summer, And I will smile at you, Even though I hide the sadness Lurking under my eyebrows. Somewhere in the springtime Somebody will be sad… Silently fall’s arriving, Bringing its leaves along.
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