Старый Новый год | Old New Year

Can a year be new and old at the same time? I guess for Russians it could be because there is such a thing as OLD NEW YEAR (Старый Новый год) in Russia. This informal holiday falls on January 14th and concludes the set of holiday celebrations in Russia. 

Why do Russians have two New Years within two weeks? For the same reason the Orthodox Christmas lags behind for 14 days. The Gregorian calendar (the one we use) was adopted in Russia only in 1918. For a long time, many important dates and holidays had two notices – “old style” and “new style”. Therefore, the Old New Year is just a start of the year by the Julian calendar.

The Old New Year is a working day, but many Russians choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve on January 13th again. This is a less formal celebration (if any at all), and the Old New Year’s parties are more relaxing. TV channels often repeat their New Year festive programs on that day, so people may watch their favorite shows and movies one more time. 



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