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Word of the Day: БЕЗЛИМИТИЩЕ

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Almost every Russian who watches TV once in a while is familiar with the word безлими́тище. It is frequently used in advertisements of smartphone services by one of the popular Russian phone company МТS. This is a relatively new word, and you will not find it in a dictionary. However, you can understand its meaning if you follow the explanation below.
  • This word has the root лимит, which is actually a cognate of limit.

  • It has an augmentative suffix ищ, which turns the meaning into something like huge limit.

  • It has a prefix без, which means without.

Now we have a meaning of the word: it is something enormous and unlimited.

In fact, this word names one of the smartphone plans with unlimited services. Whoever made up this word for advertisement purposes was very creative. The word is fun, right to the point and sticks in your mind. Is it a new trendy word?

Among the same-root words, there are also an adjective лими́тный (limited) and its opposite безлимитный (unlimited).

Due to the popularity of the МТS smartphone services and the word БИЗЛИМИТИЩЕ in advertisements, the Internet is filling up with words made up with the augmentative suffix ИЩ. Fun words indeed!

deadline – де́длайн – дедла́йнище

actor – актёр – актёрище

film – фильм – фи́льмище

test - зачёт – зачётище

start – звезда́ –звезди́ще - звезди́щища (even bigger than звезди́ще)

lake – о́зеро – озёрище

Is it a fad to make up words like these?
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