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Word of the day: натюрморт

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The Russian word ‘натюрмо́рт’ came from the French ‘nature morte’ that means ‘dead nature’. In English, this genre of painting is known as ‘still life’. It traditionally comprises an arrangement of objects such as flowers or kitchen utensils laid out on a table; however, in modern art, almost any object may be included.

‘Still life’ in photography is very popular nowadays not only among professionals, but also among bloggers who want to portray their lives in details, trying to tell other people what they do, read, create, eat, etc.


Натюрморт в деревенском стиле (Arrangement in country style)

In everyday Russian, the word ‘натюрмо́рт’ is used not only in the traditional sense as a piece of fine art or photography. Any arrangement anyone creates on the table (or any other surface available and desired) could be called ‘натюрмо́рт’.

Here are a few examples how to use the word:

  • натюрмо́рт = a still-life picture, photograph, or arrangement

  • натюрмо́рт с (чем? – instrumental case)

натюрмо́рт с цвета́ми, фру́ктами, с кни́гами... = an arrangement with flowers, fruits, books...

Како́й краси́вый осе́нний натюрмо́рт! (What a beautiful autumn arrangement.)


Этот натюрмо́рт с ты́квами и я́блоками про́сто замеча́телен! (This arrangement with pumpkins and apples is just wonderful!)

Я люблю́ натюрмо́рты ру́сских худо́жников. (I like still-life paintings by Russian artists.)


Владимир Стожаров - «Чай с калачами», 1972 год (Vladimir Stozharov – “Tea with sweet bread”

Это мой осе́нний натюрмо́рт на ку́хонном столе́. (This is my autumn arrangement on the kitchen table.)

Этот натюрмо́рт с ты́квами, зе́ленью, помидо́рами и свёклой. (This arrangement is with pumpkins, greens, tomatoes and beets.)

И это то́же натюрмо́рт! С ру́сскими конфе́тами, сувени́рами и по́стерами. (And this is also an arrangement. With Russian candy, souvenirs, and posters.)

Я люблю́ фотографи́ровать натюрмо́рты. А вы? (I like to take pictures of arrangements. How about you?)

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