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What ФРУКТЫ are at your local farmers’ market today?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

August is the time to buy the freshest local fruit (фру́кты) at the farmers’ market (на ры́нке). Review the names of the basic fruits through the picture dictionary ФРУКТЫ.


Practice your fruit vocabulary any time you go to the farmers’ market (or the produce section of your local store). Try to name all kinds of fruit you see there in Russian.

For more advanced learners, here are a few questions to practice your vocabulary in the sentences.

  1. У нас на рынке сегодня персики, яблоки, арбузы и груши. А какие фрукты у вас на рынке сегодня?

  2. Сегодня я купила арбуз, яблоки и персики. А какие фрукты вы купили?

  3. Я часто покупаю яблоки. А какие фрукты вы часто покупаете?

This video is to practice your listening comprehension skills. You can learn some new vocabulary as well.

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