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Traditional Russian Sweets

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Many people are familiar with traditional Russian main dishes and soups such as borsch, blini, or golubstsi; however, not too many people realize that along with a healthy food including root vegetables and whole grains, there are a lot of not-so-healthy but delicious and irresistible sweets in the Russian cuisine.

The article Top 12 Russian Sweets by Viktor Kuzmin provides detailed description of some traditional Russian sweets. Since the list could vary depending on the region you are from, I would personally doubt the popularity of some sweets in the part of Russia I grew up in. For example, I would exclude смо́ква (smokva), чурчхе́ла (churchkhela), and чак-чак (chak-chak) because they are barely popular in the north-west of Russia. Instead, сы́рники (syrniki), ватру́шки (vatrushki) , and пти́чье молоко́ (ptichie moloko) are known by everyone, and they would be on top of my list. Besides, for some reason, such popular sweets as зефи́р (zefir - resembles marshmallow) or ва́фельный торт (vafelnyi tort - layered waffle cake) are undeservedly forgotten.

If you have tried any of the Russian sweets, you can make your own list. For the time being, read the article and make a list of the treats you would definitely like to try.

The list of sweets in the article looks like that in Russian.

1. ту́льский пря́ник

2. пастила́

3. пти́чье молоко́

4. чак-чак

5. торт «Пра́га»

6. ватру́шка

7. чурчхе́ла

8. печёные я́блоки

9. сы́рники

10. со́евые бато́нчики

11. смо́ква

12. шокола́д «Алёнка»

Read the article Top 12 Russian sweets

Which of the sweets have you tried? Which of them is your favorite?

Какие сладости вы пробовали? Какие ваши любимые?

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