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Word of the day: бесплатный

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The adjective бесплатный is a very useful word because it's always good to know what is free or free of charge. As any other adjective, it has plural and gender forms:

беспла́тный (masc.),

беспла́тная (fam.),

беспла́тное (neut.),

беспла́тные (pl.).

The corresponding adverb is беспла́тно.

Why is a masculine form used with WiFi?

If you write this word in Russian, you will have something like уайфай Of course, nobody does that in Russian, but this way you will see that the word ends in , like some masculine words май, чай.

What is бесплатно in these ads?

Where does the taxi go free?

Where can you find out the details (подробности)?

The two words in this ad are cognates. Do you understand them?

Why is the adjective бесплатный used in the masculine form?

доставка = delivery

скачивать / скачать = to download

игра (игры - pl.) = game

А вы скачиваете игры бесплатно?

подарок (подарки) =gift

Вы любите бесплатные подарки?

завтрак = breakfast

ужин = supper

Приятного аппетита! = Bon appetit!

Где бесплатный завтрак и ужин?

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