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Что в сумке? What is in the purse?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

It's interesting that the Russian word сумка can be a lady's purse, a travel bag, a gym bag, or a bag of any kind at all. If you own a small purse, you can call it сумочка (a diminutive form).

What is the context of сумка? How to use it in the phrases or sentences?

Here are a few useful expressions you might like.

  • У меня в сумке... = I have... in my bag

  • новая сумка = new purse

  • дизайнерская сумка = designer purse

  • Где твоя сумка? = Where is your purse

  • У меня нет сумки. = I don't have a purse.

  • Посмотри у себя в сумке. = Look in your purse.

  • Никто не ходит с такими сумками! = Nobody wears such purses.

  • Какая у тебя красивая сумка! = What a beautiful purse you have!

  • Где ты купила такую сумку? = Where did you buy such a purse?

Какая у вас сумка?

Какого цвета?

Что у вас всегда в сумке?


This video is to practice your listening comprehension skills. It covers adjective-noun agreement and the prepositional case of the nouns. Recommended for the beginning level.

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