• Olga Jarrell

Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Have you ever tried such Russian food as “kholodets” or “salo”? Most Americans find them “strange” and even gross. However, I know some of my students of Russian that find these dishes delicious.

In the video, Americans are tasting a few traditional Russian dishes. Here is a list of them in Russian:

1. до́кторская колбаса́

2. марино́ваные помидо́ры

3. холоде́ц

4. са́ло

5. селёдка по шу́бой

What is the corresponding English definition for them?

A. pickled tomatoes

B. herring under fur coat

C. raw pig fat

D. Russian bologna

E. meat gelatin

Which of the five dishes taste OK for Americans?

Which dishes do they find gross?


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