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If you are familiar with my YouTube channel Amazing Russian, you already know my online work and the way I teach my students.

Would you like to learn about my educational background and  teaching?


My name is Olga Jarrell. I am a Russian language instructor located in the USA. I am a native Russian speaker and currently teaching Russian at Utah Valley University (Orem, Utah, USA). 


BA in Foreign Language instruction, MA in English from Karelian State Pedagogical University (Russia)


TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certificate (University of Utah), Utah Professional Educator’s License, Teaching Strategies Certificate (UVU)


30+ years of teaching ESL in Russia and the USA, 10 years of teaching Russian at Utah Valley University (USA), experience in curriculum design, experience in developing  online Russian courses for Brigham Young University (USA)


  • Seminars, workshops and educational fairs: engaged learning, blended learning, technology enhanced learning, videos for learning, communicative games

  • Webinars: innovations in teaching, course curriculum, student engagement, teaching Russian via Skype



YouTube subscriber

I have watched several of your beginning and intermediate level videos and they are all outstanding! You integrate spoken and written material so that your presentations of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation all reinforce each other. Your grammar explanations are particularly easy to understand and remember because you give many spoken and written examples of specific applications for each rule that you present, and you focus on the target language rather than on lengthy discourses in English. I also appreciate very much that you introduce elements of history and culture; it makes the learning experience even more meaningful and enjoyable. I will recommend your videos to the others in my adult education class. Please consider writing a textbook in your "free time." You are a model of excellent teaching. 

Super Rock School

YouTube subscriber

  • An excellent lesson. Informative and well structured. Great visuals and an excellent opportunity to practice along with the lesson. Thanks!

  • Another excellent video. The graphics really support the learning process, and assist comprehension. It's great how your visuals are not static, the animations and movement make the learning process more engaging and easier to follow. Thanks for (your) lesson.

camp parson's sunday school

YouTube subscriber

I've followed several YouTube channels on learning Russian but this is by far the best. Olga does a very professional teaching presentation here.


YouTube suscriber

The best free Russian YouTube videos for Russian learners. Спасибо большое.


Facebook page reviewer

Just recently subscribed to Amazing Russian on YouTube and FB. The videos are perfect for those wanting to learn Russian. Olga is well spoken, clear, concise and knowledgeable. It's a great way to learn at your own pace if you have little time for traditional class style of education. Спасибо большое!


Facebook page reviewer

I love Olga's teaching method. I study with her videos every day. Her relaxing tone and music background is excellent for studying at night.


YouTube subscriber

Fantastic Russian language teacher, her YouTube videos are as her channel states Amazing!!!


YouTube subscriber

This clip is simply outstanding. A perfect blend of carefully crafted Russian for students, blended with lots of creativity, and communication skills.


Website comment

I've studied Russian on my own, off and on, for years – and verb pairs had remained difficult to master. However, your YouTube videos and the downloads are so very clear and have been enormously helpful. You are a gifted teacher indeed! Thank you.

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